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5 Reasons Why Game Key Resellers are Great

5 Reasons Why Game Key Resellers are Great

Game Key resellers have been around for a few years now, but recently, they have really taken off. While there are concerns surrounding these sites, they offer choices for gamers, and help us become better consumers. Here are 5 reasons why game key resellers are great for the industry:

1 – It’s a great reason to get into PC gaming:

Let’s be honest, building a powerful gaming rig comes with high costs. However, PC gamers can recoup some of that investment with cheaper digital games from key resellers.

2 – Allow gamers to monetize Humble Bundle purchases:

Humble Bundle is a godsend. Gamers can pick up great collection of games for a fraction of the price and still contribute towards different charities. Not every bundled game you’ll get will peak your interest. Reseller sites allow you to sell off these games and recoup some of that cash.

3 – Help smaller/indie developers bypass store royalties:

Platforms such as Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live all charge premiums to publishers and developers to sell their items on their stores respectively. Small developers can directly sell their games to customers and get a bigger chunk of revenues, albeit for cheaper price.

4 – Help games stay relevant longer outside of major sale periods:

While gamers rejoice over Steam’s periodic sales, reseller sites can sustain games’ relevance by offering them on sale on a more regular basis. Especially if said games appear on the home screen of key reseller sites.

5 – Allow games to reach real price equilibrium:

While console gamers are used to dishing out $60 for new releases, PC games sold on reseller sites can actually reach market demand prices. This is partially due to some regions having less expensive prices that are often resold to global customers. This allows market prices to adjust more naturally to demand.

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