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7 Days To Die

We live in a time where the idea of zombies roaming our streets, fills our heads with exhilarating scenes of epic survival. With modern movies like I Am Legend, World War Z and Zombieland, it’s hard not to picture ourselves living in an apocalyptic world  full of fortified vehicles and sweet zombie slayer moves. Lets face it though, whilst our imagination allows us to become Will Smith or Milla Jovovich, chances are, if it really did hit the fan, we’d not be running down the streets in our tight leather body suits whilst dual wielding shotguns, it’s a nice thought though. Now, before you think I’ve written this article purely just to shatter your dreams, I haven’t. Whilst we physically can’t go on a zombie killing spree, games are now giving us the chance to control a character that can. The latest in this? 7 Days To Die.

The Game

7 Days To Die is a survival game whereby skilled crafting is crucial if you want to survive in this zombie infested open-world. You’ll start the game just about naked in the middle of a seemingly deserted wasteland, is it really deserted though? I wasn’t sure, so decided that the best approach was to explore my surroundings and scavenge anything that I thought would maybe be useful (so everything -I like to be prepared!). Soon I was met with some rather goose bump creating sound effects and before I knew it, a small horde of flesh eating zombies had torn me apart.

I returned and 7daystodiedecided that the run down but still standing abandoned house would be a perfect hideaway. I spent a full in-game day chopping trees and running back to my little house to strengthen the broken windows and put in new doors. I remember watching the darkness starting to descend on my home and my heart began pounding in my chest. The game certainly has a strong fear factor. In a last minute panic I rushed out my door and took down the tree just outside. I crafted a bow and some arrows determined I’d beast this night! Waiting at the top of the staircase I was in almost complete darkness staring at the front door when the eerie and spine tingling music returned. Waiting a short while I started to calm down, it was probably just a lone wanderer passing outside. Suddenly my front door began taking a beating and wood slats started to disappear. I instinctively ran down the stairs and pulled out my bow, taking a shot that sorrowfully went, nowhere. At this point the door was gone and I could see the intruder was a zombie nurse however to my thanks she seemed to glitch out not being able to enter the house and was stuck in the corner of my porch allowing me to get a few all too easy shots on her and take her down. My first battle was over, but it only got harder from there.

My Thoughts


My first impressions were rather positive. The game has rather rough graphics but was still visually appealing with great lighting sources and impressive shadows along with intriguing and interactive landscapes full of swaying trees and grass. 7 Days To Die is a very immersive game starting from brilliant character customization (even if there is a lack of hairstyles) to very impressive sound effects and a fantastic use of music to induce fear within the gamer. The game allows you to create the story you want to play whether that be building the perfect fort or roughing it out and exploring the open world and all it has to offer. Enemies come in different shapes and sizes, some stronger than others and have the ability to catch you off guard and even flank you in hordes, so you are always kept on your toes, a crucial element to any good horror game. I also found the AI to have some weak points however it was generally very good. The game was easy to pick up and the controls were for the most part, common place.
Overall I was very pleased with 7 Days To Die and feel it is a good addition in the survival-horror genre with my only real complaint being that the game can feel rather slow and lacklustre on occasions and of course the bugs it currently had at the time I played it, however the developers have assured they are working constantly to resolve these issues.

If you enjoy a good fear inducing, steady paced and fun survival-horror game then I highly recommend you give 7 Days To Die a try.


  • 7.2/10
    7 Days To Die - 7.2/10


Fear inducing survival-horror
Great choice of character customization
Fantastic sound effects/music
Interactive and interesting landscape
Good range of enemies
Various ways to play the game
Easy to learn with usual controls

Rough visual appearance
AI has it’s weak points
Game can be lacklustre and uninteresting at times
Several bugs and glitches to be fixed

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NickodemusX 06/28/2016 - 7:47 PM

Still not sure this is my type of game or not. May try later down the line if I get time.

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