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8Days Review

8Days Review

Lock and load for the battle of your lifetime in this 8-bit top down shoot ’em up


Game Details:

  • Developer: Santa Clara Games

  • Published by: Badland Games

  • Platforms: PlayStation Store / Xbox Store / Steam

  • Rating: M for Mature 17+

  • Release Date: February 7th 2017

  • Price 9.99


Join the mercenary forces of G.O.D. Inc where you get to play as 1 of 2 expendables, Mike or Lola. Fight against global nuclear threats, Middle East fighters and city riots while travelling to the most dangerous places unimaginable. It is your job to keep this peace in a private military company. The world has been taken over by a group of people called The Masters of Mankind and its our job to bring the peace.


In this high action pack game you have a choice as two mercenaries as you go through 5 stages and take on different bosses and puzzles. You can play this game two different ways. The one way you can play it is going through the game stealth mode and killing the enimies with a knife. The second way you can play it is you can just go in with a guns a blazing and on a killing spree. You can play the game alone or with a friend with local co op. The controls took a little time to get use to cause it is a duel stick shooter. the left analog stick moves your character around and the right analog stick is how you aim with your weapon.


8Days is a classic game with a nostalgic feeling with the 8 bit graphics. It made me reminisce of the classic Nintendo days. It has a killer soundtrack that just keeps you on the edge of your seat. The game will challenge you at times with the adaptive A.I. making each play through unique and fun. The game performed smoothly and I didn’t run into any glitches

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