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Twitch Will No Longer Offer “Turbo”

Yup, thats correct !! Amazon which owns Twitch, announced for Amazon Prime members that they will be adding “Twitch Prime” for there members. Once you connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account you will now be able to enjoy ad-free streams. This is just another great perk provided to us gamers who are Amazon Prime members.

Some other perks that come with “Twitch Prime”

  • Prime exclusive Twitch badge
  • Expanded emotes and colors
  • Support your favorite Twitch streamer with a free monthly subscription

-You can support one Twitch streamer or support a different streamer once every month

Amazon will pay the streamer the cost of the subscription

  • Free game loot

-characters, vehicles, skins, boosts and more surprises

  • 20% Discount on New-Release Box Games

-applies to pre-orders and collector’s editions

-pre-order price guarantee

-release day delivery

**this offer is only valid on physical video games during pre-order and 2 weeks after



Once you connect your account you will be greeted with this screen

If you currently have Turbo you can either keep it or upgrade to Twitch Prime. Will you be upgrading to Twitch Prime or which Twitch streamer will you be supporting?

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Source: Twitch Blog

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