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Anthem Delayed because of Battlefield?

Anthem Delayed because of Battlefield?

It’s not actually a delay … We want Anthem (a new IP) to have its own launch window – EA CFO Blake Jorgensen on Anthem being moved to Q4

Not many would want to try a new IP alongside a fan favorite game like Battlefield, it either wouldn’t get much play early on or be forgotten all together (talking from experience).  Kotaku reported that Anthem would be delayed until 2019 and those claims were somewhat denied but has EA has now confirmed the reports with the Wall Street Journal. They cite that Anthem should be released in a “quieter time-frame rather than the end of the year heavy titles time-frame.” Anthem caught gamer eyes when shown at last years E3. Here’s actual pre alpha 4k footage:


As you can tell from the trailer there’s a lot left to be desired about Anthem:

  • Will the Exo Suits aka Javelin Exo Suits be customizable (colors, logos, etc)?
  • Will it have more classes than Ranger and Colossus (the trailer hints that might be the case)?
  • What upgrades will be available?


While we wait for more details in the coming months regarding Anthem, EA has not shared any details yet about the upcoming Battlefield set to release this year. We should expect that soon tho.

Does Anthem being delayed till next year “A Big Deal?” What do you expect from the New Battlefield? Let us know in the comments and join other gamers like yourself in Hard Knock Gamers Facebook group –  “The Best Place to be for ALL Gamers on ALL Platforms”



Source: Gamespot

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