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***********Hard Knock Gamers Twitch Channel Stream Team requirements***********
-Standards of Quality-

* Willing to livestream for a minimum of 1hr
* Must have a Twitch account (or other livestreaming service)
* Trustworthy (Must not share key with anyone)
* Webcam
* Appropriately dressed (look presentable)
* Reliable Internet

Please provide your Twitch or Livestream Service URL (required)

Do you have a Capture Card? [Streaming directly from a console the Capture Card ensures the highest quality possible]
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How many DAYS will you be available to stream on Hard Knock Gamers Twitch channel? (required)

Do you understand if you do not maintain our Standard of Quality and be consistent you will be removed from the team ? (required)
I understandI do not care

All streams will be monitored - Any abusive language, nudity, or anything that is a violation of Twitch Terms of Service will result in removal from Hard Knock Gamers Twitch Team.

Do you agree you will not violate Twitch Terms of Service while livestreaming on Hard Knock Gamers Twitch Channel? (required)

Have you read and understood all requirements ? (required)


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