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Batman V Superman Review

Batman V Superman Review

Yup its time folks, this is my Batman V Superman review.  So lets jump right into this guys, I have been waiting on this movie since was announce a while back. So I went into the theater excited to see this movie and I came out loving what i saw and hyped to see the next chapter of the DC cinematic universe. Not that not saying that this movie didn’t have any problems, because of course it did and we are going discuss those. This being a review it will contain spoilers but I’ll try to keep them light.





Batman V Superman



I thought the plot in this movie was pretty good. Basically the story is Batman and some of  Metropolis Citizens thinks Superman is a major threat to the human race, because the events of Man of Steel. and certain events that happen in this movie. Superman also thinks Batman is stepping out of line by branding the Bat symbol into his captured criminals and violating their civil liberties. The events that occurred in this movie which Superman is blamed for are all set up by Lex Luthor. Then Lex unleashes Doomsday on Superman to kill him. So Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women has to take down Doomsday forming the Trinity.






What I liked

  • Batman- I felt that Ben Aflext did a amazing job as Bruce Wayne and The Bat. The voice sounded legit , his body structure wasn’t too built or too skinny, it was believable that he was the dark knight. The fact that Bruce has been Batman for twenty years and he was this aggressive made me more interested in his backstory.
  • Superman- I felt Henry Cavill did good job as the Blue Boy scout. You got impression that superman was very powerful, and he was trying to do the right thing.
  • Wonder Women- This was so awesome because this was the first time that I’ve seen Wonder Women in live action . I have to say that I loved Gal Gadot as Wonder Women.
  • Lois- Lois was okay.


The Flaws


Batman V Superman


  • The scene in which Wonder Women looks at the file on the Metahumans felt out of place.
  • The actions of Lois in one point of the movie felt out of character and really dumb.


Batman V Superman
  • The Plot was very strong
  • Batman,Superman,and Wonder Women were well represented
  • The acting from most of the cast was very good
  • The visual effects and CGI was remarkable


I went in to the theater wanting to like Batman V Superman, and came out very happy and in love with the movie. Batman v superman suffers from problems, but it makes it up with strong performances by the cast, amazing visual effects and CGI and a well told story Now I’m definitely looking forward to the DC extended universe.

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