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Battlefield 1: New Map To Be Revealed Next Week!

Hey gamers, are you anxiously waiting for Battlefield 1? Are you eagerly waiting for more information? Well, you will be glad to hear that EA announced that next week there will be a new Battlefield 1 trailer!

The publisher said in a blog post “This will contain a “Trainload” of new information about the World War I shooter”.

The word “trainload” is a teasing at one of the maps that will be included within the game. Why you ask? Because EA stated “Though no other details are available. The railway industry played a role in the war, including ambulance trains that transported wounded soldiers”. When watching the previous Battlefield 1 trailer you can see a train appear…. Maybe this is the map they are referring to?

EA have also announced a new Battlefield Squads Livestream will be taking place during next week’s Gamescom. Furthermore, a number of internet celebrities from both YouTube and Twitch will be playing on a never-before-seen-map, this will be broadcasted at 12PM PT / 3PM ET on August 16th.

If you are wondering what the name of the new map is, then sorry no-one but EA knows yet. However, EA did state that it will contain “Points to capture, horses to ride and things to demolish”.

One of the participants in the event, Westie shared an image of the map on his Twitter.


Also for you Titanfall fans (such as myself), you may like to know August 16th is also the day that the developers of the game, Respawn will be holding their own Livestream for Titanfall 2, as the game is published by EA. So be sure to check that out as well on the day.

Do you want more battlefield news? Alright, here you go. The insider page for Battlefield has recently been updated in order to allow users to select what platform they would like to receive a beta code for. The beta is expected to begin just after Gamescom ends, and for the players who are a part of Battlefield insiders…Well, they will be able to play the beta before everyone else. Gamescom will be running from August 17th-21st.

Did that news get you pumped up even more for Battlefield 1? Cause it did for me. If you are interested in WWI games why don’t you also check out our review for Verdun, a WWI squad-based multiplayer FPS. Enjoy the rest of your day gamers!

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