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Battlefield 5 Wishlist

One of my most anticipated games is Battlefield 5 and with very few details being discussed I thought I would put together a wish list of things I hope to see or change in the upcoming game.  Remembering this is a wishlist not a factual list of facts about Battlefield 5 as very little is confirmed at this point and time of this article.

1.No Ultra Futuristic Setting!

With rumors of Call of Duty Ghosts 2 possibly being in space/future settings again, and Titanfall 2 coming out late this year or 2017 it is important for Battlefield 5 to avoid this trend of advanced movement system style games.  Current rumors for Battlefield 5 are saying it is either going to be a futuristic title similar in time line to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or a World War I shooter.  Personally I would love to see Battlefield developers tackle the World War 1 era for a few reasons.   The main reason is it would bring a unique aspect to the game and certainly give them a certain diversity from other shooters on the market.  Another reason being that looking back at older Battlefield titles back when they tackled World War II and Vietnam these games gave gamers epic and real battles that put you boots on the ground in classic and historic conflicts.  This gave the game a real sense of realism as well as real sense of urgency in wanting to fight for the objective, beach landings made for huge encounters and strategy was a must.

2. A Smooth Online Launch!

This appears to be a hard thing to ask from any developer but I think its going to be one of the biggest challenges facing Dice/EA as they try to market this game to gamers after a few missteps in Battlefield 4.   Battlefield 4 was a great game in its initial concept and later after patching it was great to squad up with friends and battle online, however at launch this was a completely different story.  Many Reddit users coined it “Brokenfield 4” because it suffered from frame rate drops, unplayable online servers, online data corrupution and this was just in the multiplayer.  In the single player it was common for players to fall through the map near the end of the game, trophies/achievements wouldn’t unlock and the worst problem was game progress not saving.  I remember vividly playing through the whole campaign on launch night, searching through for collectibles going for a 100% campaign run.  Then to my dismay the achievements didn’t pop.  When I loaded up my game the next day I was still at the first level with only one collectible, understandably this turned me off of the game for quite a while.  This is an issue that EA/Dice cannot let happen with this title it would make many gamers hesitate to purchase Battlefield 5.   They can avoid these problems by releasing beta’s open to the community so they can get player feedback as well as patching critical issues as soon as they happen to prevent more negative effect like this ending up in the final product.

3. New Game Modes?

I was not a huge fan of Viscerals addition to the Battlefield universe with Hardline but one thing they definitly did right is bring a few fun new game modes to the game.  Game m0des like Heist, Blood Money, and Hotwire made me play Hardline a lot longer then I would have without them.  Now these game modes were very geared towards the cops and robbers style of Hardline, however there is no reason that Battlefield 5 cannot be that inventive.  Game modes that encourage teamwork and cooperation to complete the objectives are an absolute must in my opinion.   Depending on where the timeline of this game lands leaves them open to what they could bring to the table, I really hope to see some effort expended in this aspect of the game.

4. A Solid Campaign

This has always been a weak point in the Battlefield series.  The campaigns are ok, but never very memorable with characters that feel very bland and underdeveloped.  As the industry continues to move away from the single player experience it would be an interesting step if Battlefield brought in a great campaign.  With many games not having campaigns or the single player experience being a complete after thought, this really is an opportunity for Dice to shine, now I play Battlefield for the multiplayer experience but a really solid campaign would definitly justify the purchase of the game even more.


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