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Blues & Bullets Ep.1 Review

  • Game: Blues & Bullets-Episode 1
  • Developer: A Crowd of Monsters
  • Platform: Xbox One, PC


Blues & Bullets lets you play as Elliot Ness 20 years after taking down Al Capone. In this alternate reality, Ness is now retired and running his own diner in Esperanza (fictional town inspired by Chicago). Ness gets a visit from a stranger who claims to work for Capone.  After almost twenty years in prison, Capone is in need of help to find his missing daughter who have been kidnapped and he calls on to Elliot Ness for help. Yes, Capone & Ness will be working together or at least Ness will be working for Capone in this investigative adventure.


What Knocks?

When you look at Blues you’ll immediately appreciate the art style. It’s not the best looking game graphically, but it is very impressive. The black and white theme help bring out the vibrant colors of other things in the environment. The visual concept also set the tone, makes the game feel like a true murder mystery.

The Story so far is very good, it’s one of the reasons i’m looking forward to future episodes. The plot isn’t completely believable but it is well written. The characters are also interesting and each person seems interesting enough to want to learn more about.

Blues is worth multiple play-throughs not so much for the decision making but to play again in bobble head mode.



What Don’t Knock

Some of the issues I had with Blues & Bullets  wasn’t  really the episode, it’s what the game may be like overall. The difference between Blues and other episodic games is that you get a decent break between the dialogue and the investigation. You will actually be put into gunfights and combat situations. The issue with the combat is that it is partially controlled. You aim and shoot everything else during gunfights are on rails.  You don’t control Ness moving from cover A to cover B which came as a huge let down to me. Even the fights seem lackluster. It’s all quick time events but the problem is that it’s not quick at all, you have all the time in the world to push the prompted buttons.

It’s only episode one, but I feel like the decisions I have made didn’t have the greatest impact. You are prompted when you have made a decision, but the game doesn’t make you feel  like it was a right or wrong decision. So I made every decision with no regrets or no second guesses. Blues is also very limited to how far you can explore the city. Your limited with invisible walls and linear pathways. Don’t go left, go right. Don’t go that way, go this way. You are too limited in Blues & Bullets.



A Good Start To Something Great
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Narrative - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Replayability - 7/10
  • 6.5/10
    Gameplay - 6.5/10


Blues and Bullets is a very interesting game thanks to the unlikely plot. Some of the moments do get a bit disturbing because kids are involved, weird cults and gruesome crime scenes. Blues offer a lot of what other episodics titles don’t offer but it had the potential to do more with it. For the first episode, Blues pace was just right, it wasn’t too slow and you weren’t immediately thrown right in. Flashing back into Ness prime years felt great. The ending left me curious, i’ve already got my guesses on who may behind the kidnapping but I still want to see how it all plays out. As a first entry to a mystery series, Bravo! As a game it’s okay. 7/10

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