Deadpool Movie Review

Fear not guys, this review is completely spoiler free. So if you click on this link the chances are you are interested and or excited about the Deadpool movie. So without further ado lets get cracking.


The story follows Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative who falls in love and gets terminal cancer. To keep his self alive for his love of his life, he signs up for a experiment which goes horrible wrong granting him super abilities at a price. So wade vows revenge on the man who nearly ruined his life. Things only get worse for Wade when the villanish prick kidnaps Wade’s significant other.



  1. The acting was very good from all the cast, specially Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool he did a outstanding performance.
  2. The jokes were funny. they did not seem forced or out of place.
  3. Wade Wilson’s origin story was told from present day through flashbacks. Which was a creative  way to tell it.
  4. The Rated R tag was utilize.  A lot of profanity, Blood and Gore, and a couple of sex scenes. Which was fantastic.
  5. The entire of the cast was interesting an likeable.
  6. Lots of comic book Easter eggs in the Deadpool movie.



  1. The movie suffers from the Dandelion in Distress Syndrome
  2. The plot seems a bit too simple.
Let me know what you think of the Spoiler Free Review below !!
– Golden

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