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Dynasty Warriors Godseekers Review

Dynasty Warriors Godseekers Review

Game Details:

  • Developer: Omega Force

  • Publisher: Koei

  • Platform/Links:  Playstation Store

  • Rating: T for Teen

  • Release Date: NA/EU: January 31st 2017, JP: August 16th 2016

  • Price: $59.99


Dynasty Warriors has been a series of games that follow the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale of ancient Chinese history, the games usually followed the same story as previous titles and with their flashy battle systems that follow a strong hack and slash gameplay it was time to throw in a change into the series, hence the title Godseekers. Godseekers story is different than other entries in the series with more of a RPG element to the story; consisting of a new narrative that follows Zhao Yun and his discovery of an ancient god. The story takes you through the same battles found in previous titles but adds a whole new compelling tale of Zhao Yun and the goddess Li Xia, you follow him as he tries to uncover her story and why she was sealed away. With new cutscenes and a new direction of events that haven’t been present in previous titles it allows for Godseekers to embrace a story that can rope in fans of standard JRPG titles and strategy based games similar to Fire Emblem.


Godseekers follows a game play formula that stands true for tactical RPGs such as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. The battles are comprised of your units of main characters against another force, as the player you pick your character and move them inside of their available spaces that they can move to and select if they are going to attack the enemy units or defend. One compelling element that was introduced in this title is the ability to “Synchro” which means if you have a full Synchro gauge (that is achieved by defeating enemy units) the player can link their attacks and movements with multiple units on the field. This can bring a crushing blow to the enemy forces and allow the player to turn the tide in a pinch.

When it comes to character progression in this title players have the ability to level up and purchase skills by gathering SP, once a character has enough SP the player can go view the skill board and buy skills to help increase base stats for the character or purchase skills that can increase EXP gained, the amount of items acquired after battle, or skills that can steal from enemies. These skills bring an element of strategy to the battles more than the basics that come from just leveling your character and equipping stronger weapons.

Speaking of weapons the player has the ability to view the menu when on the main map and go to the merchant and buy upgraded weapons and even forge stronger weapons and temper weapons as well. The game has a solid grasp on what can bring the battles to the next level; in the sense of the player can level up as much as they would like but without the proper equipment it may not be enough to win the fight, with weapons and skills being a main focus to how the battles can play out these features can’t be ignored.


Dynasty Warriors Godseekers looks visually the same as previous titles – solid and very well animated but not too impressive especially playing on a console that is capable enough to provide more. The maps are well designed, however they feel outdated.

The game feature Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles for players to follow. It also has a soundtrack that provides a good feel for the battles coupled with other elements of the story to feel right at home.

The game performs smoothly with the animations and navigation. I didnt experience any glitches and no areas felt out of place. This is a great improvement from previous titles in the franchise which there would be glitches in minor elements such as using a “Musuo attack”

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