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EA Sports UFC 2: Inside The Octagon, Ultimate Team & More

Over the previous week, EA Sports released a closed beta for their upcoming title UFC 2 (which I can’t show off any images or gameplay for NDA Reasoning). But over the week the closed beta was released and it had modes from Quick Match online play, Ultimate team & training to improve over the various skills that you’d need to be bringing to the table for UFC 2 to a lot of changes that was made throughout the game. So lets really begin to breakdown this closed beta.

UFC 2‘s beta started off with a very high definition cutscene of a fight between Robbie Lawler & Rory McDonald, and in which you see the two going toe for toe, pound for pound and blow for blow respectively and the gradual damage beginning to show on their faces and in which right when the second round cues in to start, that’s when you begin to pick up and play as Robbie Lawler to beat Rory McDonald in the championship fight and that’s when the real UFC experience begins.

UFC 2 puts the fight directly in your hands and teaches you everything you need to know from touching gloves to start the fight off and even the basics of fighting (if which you played the first EA Sports UFC title nothing has changed punching, blocking and dodging wise just that the mechanics has grown tighter and more effectively) but with something staying the same there’s always something new coming. Instead of the quarter circle mechanics that you used to do with the right stick in the clinch and on the ground its now streamlined into simply holding down the right stick in the direction that you want to do your moves and transitions. Easier to remember and easier to do.

There’s also now a greater implication in the damage that you take and do. The more face shots you take the more it’ll show on your characters face with bruises, blackened eyes, cuts on the foreheads etc etc. Damage has a more visual appearance on whatever takes the toll on UFC 2 now and its a well appreciated thing.

UFC 2 came with a few other modes as well. After the intro fight you can get into directly playing online mode and which you can only fight in the welterweight division. With a playable CM Punk in the demo with a 85 overall as well.

Another mode that’s really interesting in UFC 2 is the Ultimate Team. Where you can use your created fighter against other created fighters online and earn attribute cards to boost up your created fighter. If your a stand up fighter you’d try to earn cards where it would help keep your stand up game strong, submission specialist cards and other ground game techniques, Stamina boosts and damage output even greater. You’d fight and earn cards against other online created fighters and go for the gold. Its like Madden‘s ultimate team down to the T. You play, you win and you earn and you buy cards. Its a very interesting take to UFC and I myself personally can’t wait to see how its fully executed in action.

And the last mode that they had in the closed beta was training (which EA Sports has continued to let you play and train in after the beta has ended) in which they put the training into different sections of levels. Easy to just get the hang of the game, Intermediate to get yourself conditioned and ready and Experienced to really advance your Standing, Clinch & Ground game even better. It gets really in depth this year with how much they train you and show you overall improvements.

But, I did run into some minor bugs and glitches in animation in the beta, sometimes legs would get stuck in midair or the animation of arms getting twisted in the wrong way. Nothing too gamebreaking or majorly flawed but some kinks that could be smoothed out near release. Another thing that would happen in the beta is that the screen would get stuck on the leaderboards too. Still something they’ll get fixed on release too

All in all though, EA Sports UFC 2 beta is great and has made some major improvements in the technical sense of speaking. It has the making to be quite spectacular upon its release and has some very interesting things in the making. I’m ready to see how things turn out once the full release comes for UFC 2 as this is a day one buy for me.

If you played the closed beta or your generally interested in what UFC 2 has to offer, drop a comment below and speak your thoughts. EA Sports UFC 2 will be released on March 15th, 2016.


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