Home Gaming Forza Horizon 3 $20 at Target [UPDATE]
Forza Horizon 3 $20 at Target [UPDATE]

Forza Horizon 3 $20 at Target [UPDATE]


At the time of writing this, Forza Horizon 3 Standard Edition is currently $20 at Target.com DIGITALLY.. So stop reading and click here





There was a technical issue aka glitch and you know these things happen far and in-between so you have to get it before its fixed and it seems like that might now be the case. Some gamers are experiencing “checkout errors” when proceeding to complete the transaction or they are receiving order cancellation emails.




One member called Target customer service and they honored the price (ONLY because he purchased it for the $19.99 and it was cancelled) .. Please don’t buy it now for $59.99 while expecting to get it for $19.99.. The rep said once the system recognized “unusual activity” customers trying to place orders were blocked or if purchased already and you did not receive a code it was then cancelled. It doesn’t hurt to give them a call especially for that price.



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