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FREE Weekend: Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Humble Bundle is the go-to website for finding great deals on PC games. Alone with their normal sales, very inexpensive weekly bundle, and monthly service, you can grab yourself a copy of Beyond Earth for free this weekend! This is one series I always wanted to try out, and this time I have no other excuse but to. Now, Beyond Earth hasn’t received a lot of praise within the gaming community, coming after Civilization 5(which is one of PC’s top exclusives), but why not see for yourself this weekend for free. Perfect timing to see what it’s like before the behemoth Civilization 6 comes out later this year.

You can play Beyond Earth starting RIGHT NOW until Monday July 18th, 10am Pacific Time. Also, if you do enjoy the game, grab yourself a copy to keep for $39.99 $11.99.

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