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Game of Thrones Xbox One Console

Game of Thrones Xbox One Console

Image result for iron man xbox oneAnyone remember seeing this Limited Edition “Iron Man” Xbox One? If so, remember how you could only get it if you won it from a contest in France? Well, Microsoft is out there trolling us again.




Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series out right now, and Microsoft wants to jump on the bandwagon. Following last nights Season 6 season finale, Microsoft announced the Limited Edition “Game of Thrones” Xbox One…..here’s the┬áthing…..you need to win it from a contest in France. Now, I loved the look of the Iron Man one, and was quite jealous when I found out I couldn’t just drive to my Best Buy and purchase it, for it is a very bImage result for game of thrones xbox oneeautiful looking ┬áconsole….but the Game of Thrones box might be the ugliest console ever launched. With that being said….I am jealous AGAIN that I can not purchase this. It might be ugly and hideous, but I need it. As a big fan of the show, I would happily pay a little extra to have such a collector’s item.

Now, we all know Microsoft is very crafty when it comes to Limited/Collector’s Editions of consoles. They are very good at it…when they do it. All we have been getting this generation is a standard color to choose from, or we get teased into thinking a very fancy looking Xbox is going to be available to purchase. Well, at least the new Xbox One S is looking pretty sleek. Let’s hope the newly announced “Scorpio” has a unique look to it when it launches next year.

So do you like the look of this Xbox One? Are you still angry about not being able to purchase the Iron Man Edition? Let me know in the comments below. Or you can talk about these fancy looking consoles and everything gaming by following our FaceBook group Hard Knock Gamers, the best place to be for discussing all games and ALL platforms.


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