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Gears 4 Making Stunning Progress

Recently, Gears 4 has been getting some mentions and stealing headlines lately. Last month we learned that the game release date was move from holiday 2016 to Fall 2016, and earlier this week The Coalition said that Gears 4 will be a “Graphical Showcase” for the Xbox One  much like Gears of War was for the Xbox 360. Now we get a tad bit more on Gears 4, Phil Spencer updated his followers on the status on the anticipated blockbuster Gears of War 4 and he seems pretty pleased with his tweet today!

Screenshot (4)

As a fan of the franchise, I cant wait for this game to be released. A multiplayer beta will be held for those who purchased Gears of War Ultimate Edition on the Xbox One spring 2016. We do not have an exact date on that beta but be sure to check back once we have that information.

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