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Ghost Recon Wildlands First Impression

Ghost Recon Wildlands First Impression

In a world that knows corruption and disaster it’s time to take up arms and take down the cartel with your allies in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Game Details:

  • Developer: Ubisoft

  • Publisher: Ubisoft

  • Platform: PS4, XBox One, Windows

  • Rating: M – Mature

  • Release Date: March 7th 2017

  • Price: $59.99

  • Links: XBox One / Ubisoft / Playstation


Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in 2019 where a drug cartel has risen to power and have caused massive mayhem in Bolivia. The United States government sends in the special unit known as “Ghosts” to deal with the dilemma and try to find connections between the rise of the cartel and the country’s government.


One of the giant perks that was noticeable right from the start was the “Create Your Character” options. The level of detail that the game provides really lets you make your operative in the way you see fit. Not only does it contains the basics of hair and facial her but it also lets you pick clothing, bags, tattoos, scars, paints, camouflage, male or female and the list goes on. These elements were very compelling because I got to design a character that I felt would resemble myself in this situation and it also allowed me to take pride in who I was playing while spending my time playing the game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands to be put simply is a massive sandbox style game that utilizes elements from other games to create an explosive and engaging experience for the players. The sandbox open world element allows for the player to explore the lands gathering intel and weapons while testing out different vehicles. The player has the ability to steal vehicles when ever they so choose, spend time just exploring, take complete control of how the world operates and cause mayhem or simply just goof off with friends. While playing the game my friends and I found a huge enjoyment at the amount of freedom we had at our hands. We were able to explore the terrain before working on the story missions, which gave us an advantage while we took the chance to take drones and gather intel on the enemy units stationed at the base they wanted us to infiltrate.

One compelling element that Ghost Recon Wildlands showcased was the third person feel but when the player aims the gun it goes into first person that allows for better accuracy when aiming down the sights at the enemies. You can also choose to switch it from first person while looking down the sights by pressing a button that will take them into third person while shooting; I feel like this feature is very useful and can grab players who aren’t fans of FPS or TPS games.


Another compelling feature in this game has to be its environment, the landscape and detail is mind-blowing at first glance. The textures are beautifully crafted and well-balanced all the way around from the landscape to the characters themselves. One issue can be argued is the vehicle designs feel “lazy” as in they aren’t that complicated; they are your very basic vehicles such as trucks and cars. When it comes to military grade vehicles the details seem to be a little better off but at first it was a draw back.

Performance in Ghost Recon Wildlands is very solid and doesn’t seem to have too many glitches at the moment, although with the game still in beta it can be expected to have some. One glitch that I didn’t encounter was my character getting stuck on a rock formation. Something minor however the only way for me to escape this trap was to use a grenade to kill myself and respawn in a different location. Hopefully issues like this will be addressed in a patch update upon release.

Sound is emulated very well with the characters which make them feel natural. The dialogue isn’t shallow or forced on the player. The music score fits very well with the situations that you experience, some intense situations to casually driving down the road with the radio playing.

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