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Hate for the Indie Game


A lot of so called gamers seem to always have a lot of negative things to say about Indie Games and the developers that make them. These gamers are quoted as calling these games “trash” without even trying them or saying things like, “I can’t stand Indie Games, all I play is AAA”.   Why do so many so called gamers make such harsh judgements against games that they never even try?

The PS4 this generation gets a lot of flak for supporting Indie Games.  It is commonly called the “IndieStation 4” as a result. However, last generation majority of gamers praised the Xbox 360 for having a great Indie Game selection and I was one of them. 

Last generation you basically had people screaming,“We need more indie games” and “support the Indies”

But now that Indie studios are getting a high level of support all of a sudden it’s, “Indie Games suck”  and “All we want is AAA”.

What these so called gamers fail to realize is that everyone has to start somewhere.  Most of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouths and in order for us to succeed we have to a. work hard and b. have some level of support.  The same people that are screaming, “I hate Indies” are the same people screaming, “subscribe to my YouTube channel “, “like and share my videos”, “listen to my mix tape”, “join my Facebook group”, and so on and so on.   So here you are starting out small and want people to support you, but got the nerve to say you don’t play anything but big budget titles?!  That you refuse to support Indie studios because they make “smaller” games than you are willing to even give a try?

indie game

Many Indie studios work hard, make great quality games, and need support to grow – just like you but you hate the little guy when you yourself are the little guy. Hypocrite! These studios that you look down upon are some of the most critically acclaimed developers in the business.  Like Housemarque, who has a history of making amazing titles such as Super StarDust, Dead Nation, and Resogun.  Let’s not forget about Hello Games who are known for the amazingly fun Joe Danger games and their soon to be released open universe space epic known as No Man’s Sky. Sadly some of you are on the AAA bandwagon so much that you don’t pay attention to these titles let alone realize the ratio of good quality indie games exceed that of good quality AAA.  Some of you keep running blindly into the trap set by many AAA developers and publishers like a moth to a flame. The crazy part is that you do it over and over again, each time expecting a different result. That’s called insanity.  It’s time to broaden your horizons a bit.

How about we take a look at how a few AAA and Indie Games scored on Metacritic. For the purpose of this little study we will use the Metacritic User scores to see what the actual gamers had to say rather than publications. I also chose the games at random before looking up their scores – scout’s honor.

Let’s look at the AAA games that have broken many gamer’s hearts

  • Watch Dogs 6.3 – seen as lackluster and a big disappointment by many gamers.
  • Destiny 6.1 – chopped and screwed and far from what was expected by many gamers.
  • The Order 1886 6.7 – short as hell, little to no replay value.
  • Battlefield 4 6.0 – broken for several months after release.

While you have great Indie Games that so many slept on but are full rewarding experiences. All worked perfect – day one.

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail 8.5 – amazing action adventure game with lots of replay value. *See our review here*
  • Apotheon 7.8 – great story, original art style, and great combat
  • Axiom Verge 7.9 – amazing original story, great game play with lots of replay value.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest 8.6 – beautifully crafted plat former that definitely impressed a lot of gamers.

indie game

As you can see all of the Indie Games listed above have a Metacritic user rating close to an 8 and higher while all of the AAA games listed were all below a 7.  How many of you missed out on these great titles that usually don’t cost more than $20 because you refuse to play Indie Games?  Yet you are perfectly okay with paying $60 for a broken, half assed game that leaves you feeling like you’ve been cheated.

Are all Indie Games great? No.  And yes there are a lot of great AAA games out there, some of them are masterpieces. All I’m saying is a lot of gamers need to get their nose out of the air and support good games regardless of the size of its budget.   Some of you are in the same boat as these Indie developers but got the nerve to talk like you are better than them. Hypocrite!

This is NickodemusX – The self-proclaimed King of Indies and I will defend my Royal Court – Always!

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments. Your feedback is always welcome at HKG!


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