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Is Virtual Reality “VR” the Future?

  1. The gaming community has just been buzzing this past week with the news that the Oculus Rift will be available to the general public for purchase. As well it seems that Sony’s VR headset for the PS4 is just around the corner, so this raises the question; Is VR the future of gaming or are we looking at another Virtual Boy failure?
    The big topic of discussion about the Oculus is not the features or the games that will be launched with the headset but rather the large $599 price tag that comes with it. Now that is quite the hefty price tag for many, as well as the fact you need a high end PC in order to run it. The average cost of a PC to run the headset is being ballparked around $1200. There is no doubt that there many people in the PC community that have these high end rigs, but the question is will they drop $599 for the VR experience? There also come the question of the competitiveness of the market, what will Sony charge for the PS4’s VR headset? Will Microsofts Hololens project be affordable and be able to keep pace with the competition? If the Occulus fails what does that mean for Microsofts and Sony’s products? These are all questions that remain to be unanswered and only time will tell.

Let’s also talk about games, the big seller of hardware is what kind of games or software you offer. Now I am sure many people, like myself have been cruising Youtube and watching alot of the people that got the early demo Oculus kits. Alot of the games are made by Indie designers and many of the games look very underwhelming. This being said, there have been videos of people playing games like Alien Isolation which is a graphically breathtaking game and the experience seems breathtaking and terrifying. Imagine if games like Far Cry Primal, Dishonored 2 or Star Wars Battlefront were compatitble with the headset? The question is, are any of the major game studios going to make games that support or are native on the Oculus?


Right now we are left with alot of questions and not alot of answers, we will soon see how successful VR headsets will be. In my opinion with the right set of games and if major companies choose to support the Oculus then VR could be a huge success with hardcore gamers. Casual players will most likely skip the experience due to the pricetag, but we still have to wait and see what Sony and Microsofts next step is in the competitive market.


While the Oculus is available to play many AAA titles it should be interesting to see how much support VR gets in future titles!
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