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Lost Souls Aside: Timed Exclusive

Lost Souls Aside: Timed Exclusive

Hi gamers, long time since we’ve talked and I come baring gaming news. Remember the indie title that was inspired by Final Fantasy XV, Lost Souls Aside? Well ever since it was announced, the developer went silent until today. 


Yang Bing took to his Twitter account to update us on his project and said that he is receiving support  from Sony Interactive Entertainment and help from other developers to complete his project. In return, Lost Souls Aside will become a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and it will release sometime in 2018. 


I know some gamers may seem disappointed in the “Timed Exclusive” part but at least we know that he’s getting help and he’s one day closer to releasing his dream. For your fix on the lastest gaming news don’t forget to follow us @HardKnockGamers and join in the discussion in our Hard Knock Gamers Facebook Group – “The Best Place to be for ALL Gamers on ALL Platforms”


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