Home Gaming A New Console To Take On The XBox One and PS4?
A New Console To Take On The XBox One and PS4?

A New Console To Take On The XBox One and PS4?

Ummm this has to be one of the strangest looking consoles I’ve ever seen but Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Nowadays the console market is dominated by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft and you’ll have to be “slightly mad” to take on one of those companies. Well Ian Bell the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios behind Project Cars 2 and Need for Speed: Shift is trying to do just that with a new stand alone console – Mad Box.

Mad Box Console In Different Colors

This is an early early early release version of what the final version could look like. It’s still in development and not set to release until 3 years from now. Us Gamers are now all about specs but no specs were released at this time besides it being 4K, supporting most major VR headsets with up to 180fps (90fps per eye). All components have been purposely blurred out due to ongoing discussions which makes sense cause when it is finally released this tweet would have been broken down and compared to many of times over by the internet. However Ian Bell stated that¬† it “will be equivalent to a very fast PC” and “allow games from all developers, old and new.” Regarding exclusive titles “it will be up to the developers… as of now we have no plans to pay developers incentives to exclude other hardware vendors.”

Before Blurring Out The Internals

Design wise all the components will be housed in a M shaped case with the Slightly Mad logo on the side which lights up to the color you’ve chosen. It doesn’t seem like you’ll have any RGB control but it could still be a possibility, Ian is opened to ideas. The console will also have a “one press deployable carry handle between the M” for carrying ease. It’s set to release worldwide and pricing to be “competitive” to Sony and Microsoft consoles at the time of release.

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Source: Variety

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