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Madden 19 Sets New Franchise Record

Madden 19 Sets New Franchise Record

The known Bugs and Glitches in Madden didn’t stop anyone from buying it

Madden has sold an estimated 130 million copies and nearly 73 million installs for mobile which is incredible. I must admit its been a longtime since I bought a Madden game (queue flashback music Madden Montage 1 & Madden Montage 2) but maybe I’m the only one which these numbers suggest.

“Every year Madden NFL is the game that kicks off our season of EA SPORTS games, and it continues to be one of the titans of the game industry.”  says Cam Weber, EVP and Group GM, EA SPORTS.

Which is very true. Every Madden release date is considered a “Maddenoliday“. Its probably still one of the most call out days in the year besides 4th of July.

Glitches in Madden are no longer surprising, its more expected. Every 1 glitch fixed another 10 show up. Take a look at this clip posted by MrGoldenMUT. Trust me he says its not funny but its hilarious.

Madden 19 is out now and available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Origin)

Did you purchase 1 of the 130 million copies or were you 1 of the nearly 73 million who installed it on their mobile device? Did you find any other glitches? Let us know in the comments. Follow us on Twitter @HardKnockGamers or Join us in our Hard Knock Gamers Gaming group – “The Best Place To Be For ALL Gamers on ALL Platforms”



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