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Master This – Pokemon Go

Have you got a competitive streak? Like to be the go to game guru? If so, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the first addition into Hard Knock Gamer’s new series, Master This, the go to series for the latest game tips and tricks all in the one place.

Recently it seems everyone from age 5 to 55 is playing the latest addition in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Go, with many more succumbing to their friends disappointed tuts and downloading the free to play game, with every passing day, so with the Pokemon catch ’em all race heating up, it’s time to whip out the big guns, or in this case pry open the addiction that is Pokemon Go and reveal it’s hidden facts and secrets. Lets get to it.

One, Two, Three. Here I Come

If you have picked up the game, even for a short time, you will have likely noticed on the bottom right of your screen there is a display showing nearby pokemons, pokemon-nearby-2but how near are they? What on earth do the footprints indicate? The tracking system seems a little muddled and confusing so is there some unknown way to use it successfully?

In all honesty, Niantic hasn’t exactly offered much help with understanding their tracking system, so gamers have been left alone to wonder the streets a little clueless. I think it’s fair to say however that if there are zero foot prints displayed with a pokemon then you are practically on top of the thing, if there is a single foot print then you are very close (40 metres), two footprints you are, lets say, somewhat close (60 metres) and then if there are three, well it’s somewhat far away (90 metres). Right? Of course there is more to it and that is exactly what we are going to look at.

If the pokemon displays three footprints alongside, then you must look at its position in the display of nearby critters, for example, the pokemon sitting top left is closest to you and the pokemon sitting bottom right is the furthest away and is likely to vanish if you continue to move away from it’s location. Interesting fact but how does tracking work you ask?

Sadly it isn’t exactly a straightforward process when hunting a specific pokemon and it seems your best bet of finding them is to circle the desired pokemon by tapping on it and leaving the display open and well, go exploring. If you move closer to the pokemon it will move towards position number one and if you move further away from the pokemon, it’ll move towards last position in the display. Really the tracking is a whole load of trial and error, walking straight, retracing your steps, turning left and turning right. In short your Pokemon better be worth it. If you’d like to read more about the tracking go check out an article written by Paul Tassi (link is at the bottom of this article).

Let’s Go Fishing

There has recently been several rumors suggesting that certain pokemon spawn at the same, exact location, several times (very handy if you want to evolve your current pokemon) and I wanted to find out exactly how much truth there was to these rumors. A post made on GameFAQS seen several users suggest they often witness the same pokemon spawn in the same areas, day by day with one member saying he had seen a Jynx two days in a row on the same intersection and another adding that there was always two voltorb daily in his local park. Paul Tassi from the article mentioned above, also touched on the concept of fishing saying that he himself has found that Dratini’s were appearing near his apartment, claiming to have seen this five or six times, leading him to confidently conclude that fishing does exist within the game, however this has not been confirmed by any official sources but may still be worth watching out for if in a certain location for long periods of time such as your home or office.

AR. Use it or lose it?

It is absolutely undoubted that Pokemon Go’s AR feature makes the game a unique and fun experience for all ages, but is the trivial feature really worth it?  As I mentioned in my previous Pokemon Go article, battery drainage is a very ruthless problem surrounding the game, so to begin with it must be said that turning off the AR feature will help ensure your phone is ready to catch those all important pokemons. Another issue surrounding the AR feature is the location of pokemons on the screen. Yes, it can be utterly hilarious to have a rattata appear in your toilet but when you are in the middle of town centre and you are having to stand there with your camera in the air, not everyone is going to take that too kindly, so perhaps it would be better just to catch those pokemons with the AR off and have them sit somewhat still on that lovely, grassy background.

I got you Ppokebyeikatchu

If you haven’t quite joined the Pokemon Go band wagon yet but are starting to be tempted, let me tempt you further. Little known to many is that you can actually get Pikatchu as your starting pokemon.
To begin with you will be given the usual choice of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, but if you really want to impress your friends with the infamous Pikatchu, all you have to do is run away. Literally. After moving away from the usual suspects (they will follow you the first few times) Pikatchu will decide to join in and all you have to do is catch him, whats better is more than likely you will have all starter pokemons within the first few days, I however am still waiting to grab Pikatchu.

You want to catch the big boys do you?


In the early stages of Pokemon Go, catching those wild critters is all too easy. Come 100+ CP they will start to break free and come 300+ CP you will begin to find them rather challenging, but something that many gamers seem to have missed is that there is actually a tactic that will help you increase you chance of capturing those pokemons. The ring. When you press and hold a pokeball you will notice the ring around the pokemon shrinks, you then want to wait for it to get to it’s smallest before you make that throw, as that ultimately makes the chance of a successful catch much higher (however this isn’t always very easy), just make sure to aim within the ring. If you struggle to get an accurate throw then make a point of trying to throw your pokeball through middle sized circles. If you feel like grabbing some extra XP though there are a few things you can do when throwing your pokeball. Catching a pokemon whilst the circle is at it’s widest will give you a Nice 10 XP, doing so at exactly half way will get you a Great 50XP, at the circles smallest you will be rewarded with an Excellent 100XP and 10XP when you spin the pokeball clockwise (or vice versa) and throw it when it is vibrating getting you a Curveball. Not only does the size of the ring matter but the colour does too. The system for this is simple. A green circle shouldn’t pose as a problem, a yellow circle may be a little more challenging and for a red ring, time to bring in those extra treats as things are about to get rough.

Show me your moves

So you have a 105 CP Staryu and a 95 CP Staryu, which one do you keep? CP matters, that is for sure, however almost just as important is your pokemons moves. If your 105 CP knows how to tackle and body slam but your 95 CP has bubble beam and water gun you want to keep that 95CP Staryu as you can always up it’s combat power as you go. You can find your pokemons moves by selecting your pokemon. Next to your pokemon’s moves, you will also see that movements damage.

Cracking Eggs

A fun feature within Pokemon Go is hatching eggs, perhaps it is the excitement of not knowing what is within and especially with those 10k eggs, you just know it has to be something exciting, however, hatching eggs is also rather tedious and unless you enjoy a good 10k jog, they certainly take their time to hatch. First things first, unless you are wanting low level pokemons, ignore your 2k requirement
pokemons eggs, they really aren’t worth it and unless you buy more incubators (or are one of the lucky few to find a rare incubator at a pokestop) you are going to have a limited number of eggs you can hatch at a time so rather than waste it on a 2K egg why not go for the higher level 5K or if you are lucky enough to get a 10K requirement egg, go for it, you may just get something rare. Something else to note is that the application does not care if you are walking, cycling or in a car, all it needs to see is that you are moving (on the GPS not on the spot), particularly good if you have a partner or frien
d who feels like going on a long, slower car ride or even better yet, if you feel like going on a cycle. Yes, I said slower, this is because Pokemon Go tries ever so hard to get you moving and has a speed cap implemented, drive to fast, your eggs not going to budge. I know you didn’t really want to read about actually having to move though and indeed there are some rumored ways that people have stayed put and hatched those eggs, such as attaching your phone to a model train and letting it go round it’s track or perhaps you own a robot hoover/grass cutter, well you can attach your phone to that and get a clean floor/cut grass and pokemons. Many suggested you could attach your phone to a fan blade and set it on low, however this is almost 100% a myth as your phone is tracking the GPS as I said above not your specific movements.

Night Time Hunting

If you enjoy a late evening stroll with the dogs, it may be the perfect time for you to whip out your phone and look for those pokemons that are not so common through the day. Whilst hunting in Pokemon Go you may have realized that certain pokemons are more common in certain areas, or better worded, certain terrains, for example, magikarp are more likely to be caught near rivers or fresh water lakes, well pokemon hunting at night is similar whereby certain pokemons will spawn at a certain time of the day with the most commonly seen during the night being the fairy type pokemons.

Eevee Evolution

Here is a super interesting Pokemon Go ‘hack’. When evolving an eevee it can take on of three forms; Flareon (Fire), Jolteon (Electricity) or Vaporeon (Water) and it was previous
ly speculated that what your eevee becomes was purely random, however there is a now discovered way of making that choice yourself. By changing the name of your eevee prior to evolving it (ensuring you close the application first to allow it to save the changes) you can decide what your eevee will evolve into. Use Pyro for Flareon, Sparky for Jolteon and Rainer for Vaporeon.

maxresdefault (2)

Pokemon Go is full of interesting tricks you can utilize to become the ultimate trainer and finding these tricks are half the fun. I worked hard to bring you what I felt where some of the best Pokemon Go Master This ‘hacks’ but I’d love to hear what you have discovered whilst using Pokemon Go! Do you have any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to join us at Hard Knock Gamers Facebook Group or follow us at Hard Knock Gamers Twitter

Now go catch ’em all.





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