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Microsoft Working on Multiple Titles for Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft is working on many unannounced games that will take advantage of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

Juan Carlos González social manager of Xbox Spain said:

“We still do not have information we can share about the Project Scorpio price. What I can say is that there will be several games launching for the game console, with the respective benefits of the new hardware. There are projects and titles still unpublicized this year, that I am convinced will be a pleasure for many Xbox users and other users who have not taken the leap. We will have to wait a little bit to share more details, but we already know some details and this year looks very good.”

Although no specifics were provided, it is interesting that Microsoft have unannounced titles in the pipeline for Xbox Scorpio. Hopefully, news will break out about these games soon, otherwise we could have to wait for E3 2017.

Source: ICXM

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