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Minecraft: Story Mode Hits Wii U on January 21st

This upcoming Thursday will mark the first ever collaboration between Nintendo and popular episodic-based developers Telltale Games. Minecraft: Story Mode, The ongoing title from Telltale Games currently will be touching down on the Wii U a bit later than its other respective consoles, but its still good news regardless for Telltale fans who prefer Nintendo’s consoles than the latter.

The first episode, “The Order of the Stone”, will be launching for $4.99 and a Season Pass for the rest of the episodes will be offered as well. Minecraft: Story Mode will be taking advantage of the Wii U’s gamepad, this version of the game will feature touch controls and off-screen play.

Minecraft: Story Mode is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC as well.

Source: Eurogamer

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