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MK X Kombat Pack 2 DLC Revealed…..

NetherRealm have announced the characters that will make up the Mortal Kombat X’s latest DLC pack.  This pack contains a few surprises that will definitly excite even the most casual of Mortal Kombat fans.



Leatherface from the popular horror franchise Texas Chainsaw Massacre continues the trend that we saw in the previous Kombat pack as the horror then continues to be dominant.  He will definitly be an interesting character to play considering how the chainsaw will effect his combo’s and how fast of a character he will be on top of the big question.  How cool will his fatalities be?


maxresdefault (3)

Didn’t get enough of Xenomorphs in Alien Isolation? No worries NetherRealm has got you covered with bringing the infamous Xenomorph as a playable character.  I have high expectations for this character I was highly let down by Predator in the previous Kombat Pack I am hopeful they will do better with this character.



The third character known  as “Tri-bot” combines 3 different characters which are Cyrax, Sekter and Robot Smoke.  This could be an interesting character to play because it is safe to assume that each one of these characters will be a “variation” of Tribot.  Which means there will be a wide variety of ways that you could play him, definitely a character to keep an eye on!



A fan favorite returns, Bo’ Rai Cho appeared as a NPC in the single player story for MK X but he is back as a playable character.  My only expectation is that they better keep his old fatalities especially his Flaming Fart fatality, it was one of the most classic humorous fatalities of Mortal Kombat games.

No release date for this DLC at this time but a gameplay trailer is just around the corner so stay tuned for the latest news!

Are you excited for these characters? Or is there different characters you would have preferred? Drop us a comment letting us know what you think! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @hardknockgamers or myself @undead3xvi

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