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New HoloLens Information Revealed From Conference

With the recent talk of PlayStation VR and The Oculus Rift recently, the augmented reality changing HoloLens has been staying out of the spotlight until now. Thanks to Microsoft’s Bruce Harris we now have more details informing us about the technical side of HoloLens.

At a conference in Tel Aviv, Harris mentioned that the battery life of HoloLens will be 5.5 hours maximum, 2.5 at the minimum if its under “Intensive Use.” The HoloLens, which is a completely wireless device, supports both WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to Windows 10 devices.

Also, the display field of view is equivalent of a 15-inch monitor 1 or 2-feet away from the face. Microsoft has tested out making the view larger, but it would require the cost to be multiplied by five and the battery life of intensive usage to shortened to 20 minutes only.

With all of that being known, Harris made a note that all of these will likely change for the better as the manufacturing costs decrease. Currently there’s no indication of HoloLens hitting the market anytime soon. There’s been releases of development kit applications already (via DualShockers) for the steep price of $3,000 dollars.

You can check out the 20 minute conference below.


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