Home Gaming New Tracking Website Might Bring Hope To Frustrated Pokemon GO Players?
New Tracking Website Might Bring Hope To Frustrated Pokemon GO Players?

New Tracking Website Might Bring Hope To Frustrated Pokemon GO Players?

All is not lost, Pokemon GO players have another tracking website but for how long?

In the past week, Niantic Inc released a new patch for their groundbreaking game which many players have found to be a huge step backwards. There seemed to be a few underhand changes that passed quietly that have affected our play (and our pokeball numbers) but one of the main changes was the removal of the three steps. This change is a step in the right direction on the path to fixing the tracking glitch which has affected everyone since the first week of the games release. Players turned to websites such as Pokevision to help them find the Pokemon they were looking for in the vicinity of their area. Many saw these websites as a way to help them progress while not taking away from the core gameplay. They were still out, exploring new areas and loving the game.

With the changes that Niantic brought with this latest patch they also took to closing down all of the websites that people were using to track their Pokemon, essentially leaving us all as blind as a Zubat after a heavy night. Many saw this action as petty and unnecessary and Pokemon Go has seen a decline in its players as the tracking system has become completely unusable.



With that being said, there is another website. Skiplagged.com is the latest tracking website helping players to find those much needed Pokemon to complete the ever important Pokedex. On testing, Skiplagged looks to work the same as Pokevision. Players can see the Pokemon that are in their area and are given a timer counting down, showing how long the Pokemon will be there until it despawns. Skiplagged doesn’t seem to work worldwide though, while I was looking through the map it became apparent that it only shows Pokemon in cities and it’s only in big cities at that; New York, London etc.


What I will say though is if you are in these cities and are on the hunt for that Pikachu then this new website seems to be the one to use right now. I would use it as soon as you can though because with Niantics clear intent to shut down any website seen to be helping people to track Pokemon, there is no telling just how long skiplagged.com will be available for.

Happy hunting!


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