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NHL 17- EASHL: Build Your Brand Trailer

NHL 17- EASHL: Build Your Brand Trailer

Time is almost here hockey fans! NHL 17 will be releasing in 2 months and EA Sports have just launched brand new trailer today! The trailer “Build Your Brand” showcases what they are adding to my personal favorite mode, EA Sports Hockey League.

One of the coolest things I see so far from this trailer is the new player and club progression system. The more EASHL games you play, the more customization items you unlock for your player or club. These items include hair styles, goal celebrations, shoulder patches, arena items, and more!

There are now 3 prestige levels in the game. Level your player up to level 50, prestige, and start from level 1 again. This way you can earn prestigious items on your way to max level, which they announced is Prestige 3 Level 50…might not seem like a long time, but fans of the series will know this won’t be just a walk in the park.

Starting off your EASHL journey places your team in small community rink until you rank up your club. Ranking up your club not only has you earning new customization items, but larger arenas to make your new home.

With four new player classes this time around, as well as all of the others from the past installment, EA hopes to bring more variety to each player to make matches feel more unique each time.

To explain more about NHL 17 EASHL, here is the new trailer Build Your Brand! NHL 17 will be releasing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 13th, 2016….AND I CAN NOT WAIT!!!


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