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Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo to End Production on Wii U

For months it has been rumoured that Nintendo may drop production for the Wii U in favour of working solely on the ‘Nintendo Switch’, however this was only rumour until now. On the Japanese version of Nintendo’s website, there is a caption stating that “production is ending soon”.

First spotted by Kotaku, the Japanese version of Nintendo’s website in now updated stating that production is ending soon and is directed at the only available model on their website, the 32GB White “premium” model meanwhile the other models such as the Black version are listed as no longer in production.


In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo said that production would be ending “in the near future” meanwhile EuroGamer reported that the production may end as soon as this month however this was rejected by representatives of NintendoSo if you are still wanting to get a Wii U, now is the time to pick up one before they are gone!

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Eurogamer Website

Kotaku Website

Polygon Website

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