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No Man’s Sky Being Investigated for False Advertising

You remember when No Man’s Sky was first shown at 2014 E3 Conference and that feeling you got? Then its release in August and how quickly it changed? No Man’s Sky received poor reviews from many video game outlet sites but from some players defended it by saying “No Man’s Sky is exactly what they said it was going to be.”

With all that being said No Man’s Sky is now being officially investigated by the UK ASA (United Kingdom independent regulator for advertising across media) for false advertising. Many have complained that No Man’s Sky final product was not what was promised. When you compare the trailers, screenshots and review the information that was provided to the launch product to many it did not meet what was shown. Many gamers are becoming accustomed to downgrades between E3 and the launched title but this was a huge downgrade.

No Man’s Sky was hugely promoted as the next big game (even though it was developed by a small team Hello Games) and was released on PC and the PS4. The complaints are being brought to the developers of No Man’s Sky and Valve. They will also be able to voluntarily remove anything prior to the launch that were misleading such as trailers and screenshots.

These are the claims being brought forward about No Man’s Sky:

Video –

  • User Interface design
  • Ship flying mechanics (in formation; with a wingman, flying close to the ground)
  • Animals mechanics (in herds; destroying scenery; in water; reacting to surroundings)
  • Large scale space combat
  • Structures and buildings as portrayed
  • Water Flow
  • Speed of galaxy warp / loading time
  • Aiming system

Screenshots –

  • Creatures size
  • Ships and sentinels behavior
  • Structures and buildings as portrayed
  • Store Page

Graphics Quality –

  • References to lack of loading screens, trade convoys between stars, factions vying over territory

Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with Eurogamer.net blames No Man’s Sky pre-release PR strategy.

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