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Olympic Games Invade Overwatch!


As you may know, the Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016 begin with the opening ceremony this Friday, August 5th. Blizzard decided to celebrate these Summer Games by adding the theme into their new frantic, crazy, Online FPS; Overwatch!

For characters Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio, you can unlock Olympics-themed skins and items as well via the brand new loot boxes, for a limited time only. Blizzard has removed the standard loot boxes but just until this seasonal event is over. Blizzard also stated this is just one of the Seasonal Events they have started, but many more will be coming at a later date. They will also be including limited edition items and skins to these.

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The biggest news from this new update is the release of the new game mode, Lucioball. Think Rocket League, but instead of using vehicles you use Lucio. In this 3-on-3 mode, you can’t shoot…but rather glide around the arena punching and using his Shockwave ability to knock the ball into an opposing team’s net. Myself, I absolutely adore Rocket League, so I have no problem at all with Blizzard taking notes from the geniuses(developers Psyonix) that created Rocket League.

Click here for all the information for Overwatch Summer Games  Also, here are some videos from Blizzard showing the games in action! Summer Games OUT NOW for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4!

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