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Its Tax Season And PlayStation Has VR Bundles For You

When PlayStation VR was first announced they offered PlayStation VR Worlds and a demo disc bundle. Some people didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity whether it was to experience “affordable” VR or others who was looking to make a profit off of it but I initially pre ordered it but then changed my mind. There was only one game I thought I would actually play on the demo disc and it was London Heist. If after you saw the rave reviews of Resident Evil played through VR and you’re ready to jump into VR, PlayStation is bringing back the PlayStation VR Worlds and demo disc bundle for you next week for  $499 USD / $699 CAD.

Included in this bundle


Maybe you’re like me and dont think much of VR Worlds, PlayStation has another bundle for you – if youre not afraid of clowns. The Until Dawn: Rush of Blood VR Bundle will be available at your local GameStop and EB Games store. You’ll be getting everything that comes with the above bundle but instead of VR Worlds you’ll get Until Dawn: Rush of Bloood VR and the demo disc for the same price of $499 USD / &699 CAD later this month. No specific date was announced but make sure to double check with your local store.

These PlayStation VR Bundles offers a great price to get you into Virtual Reality (Move controllers $99, PlayStation camera $60, PlayStation VR headset $399 if all bought separately) and since its tax season, here’s another opportunity to get your hands on one.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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