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Pokémon GO SHOULD Be a GOTY Nominee

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO, you might not have talked to anyone, listened to anything, or read anything in weeks. Pokémon GO is everywhere you look. People are talking about it on the radio, television shows, Facebook, Twitter, as well as being on the news several times…for good and bad reasons. One thing is for sure, Pokémon GO is in my opinion, helping out individuals and communities all over the world.

There have been tons of stories of this game helping individuals finally get out of the house. Certain people that were having a hard time getting out and interacting with others, this game has helped them. Instead of everyone being down about the violence of the world and all the bad that may have come, this game has helped get their minds off of it. Let me tell you of my experience with Pokémon GO yesterday night.

I got around to downloading Pokémon GO a few days after launch. I didn’t really want to, as I’m not too big into mobile gaming, but since I couldn’t stop hearing about it I decided to give it a shot. Well yesterday, all of my friends kept talking about this certain spot they went to, to catch Pokémon. I decided to head up there. The place is the Canalside over by my house. It’s a huge waterfront with many things to do, I’ve been there a few times before. But, when I got there yesterday, it was something I never seen before in my entire life. THOUSANDS of people, with 99% of them just walking around looking down at their phones. No one was fighting, no arguing, no screaming, nobody was being obnoxious, mostly just laughing and conversing.

It was at that time I knew this little mobile game was one of the greatest things to happen to this sometimes cruel world we live in. Every time I see hundreds and thousands of people like that, something is not right. Either a fight is about to happen, intoxication levels are high and people are being crazy, or it’s a big protest against something that came from something bad. Never would I have thought that many strangers of different backrounds and color would get together to chat about a mobile game they are all currently playing.


This game HAS to be in the nominees for Game of the Year! Do I think Pokémon GO will be the most fun game of the year? No. Do I think Pokémon GO will be the best game of this year? No. I do know this game was one of the only things ever to get millions of people talking about, with barely anyone being hostile about it in the slightest. Yes, we have also been hearing the negatives within this game from the local news stations. But, what isn’t considered bad by them these days?

I would love to hear your thoughts on Pokémon GO. I know many people are not fond of the game, it does have it’s own set of problems, some just hate mobile gaming, others can’t stand Pokémon, all I’m asking if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t try to bring others down that are having the time of their life just because it’s not for you. Let me know your stance on this game and if you think I might be crazy for nominating this game as a Game of the Year nominee so early on in the year.

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