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Pokemon GO Update Is NOT Looking Too Good

Have you heard of Pokemon GO? If you haven’t, you probably have been living under an Onix.

Pokemon GO took the world by storm when it released last month, July 6th. It is currently one of the most talked about games ever. You hear about it on TV shows, on the radio, everywhere you look, it’s Pokemon Go. With that being said, what goes up must come down. But is it already starting to happen?

Developer Niantic Labs have just released patch 0.31 for Andriod and patch 1.1.0 for iOS recently, it’s not looking too pretty.

With many reports of player progression being completely wiped, to some of the main features of the game being taken out, it’s one of the most damaging updates I’ve seen in recent memory.

Pokemon GO shipped with a key feature of tracking nearby Pokemon. If there was a Pokemon in the vicinity of you, up to 9 of them would show up on your screen for you to track down. To be able to tell the difference of who was the closest, they included up to 3 footsteps underneath their icons, with 3 footsteps meaning the furthest away. You could have also tapped on one of those Pokemon to  be able to see which direction you had to walk for that one to appear. Both of these features are now out of the game.

Well no worries! Other third-party sites were here to save the day! With many apps and sites, the most famous  being Pokevision. These sites gave the players of Pokemon Go the ability to see which Pokemon were near them, in other locations, and exactly where to go to find them. Niantic Labs has went out of their way to shut all of these down.

Catching Pokemon didn’t really take any skill, you just flicked the ball towards them, that’s it. One feature to catching was trying to make a “Nice”, “Excellent”, or “Great” throw, by accurately matching circles that would expand, right before throwing your PokeBall. Niantic Labs has also removed this feature. Now catching Pokemon is even more basic and bland than it was before this patch. Many stories of an increased rate of Pokemon escaping thrown PokeBalls has been spreading around as well. I can tell you from personal experience, these stories seem to be spot on.

There was a glitch in the system with the 3 footsteps roughly a week after the game launched. Instead of having up to 3 footsteps, every single Pokemon you were alerted you were close to, were locked with having 3 steps. This alone made gamers furious, it made it near impossible to track down who was the closest for you to catch. With the other third-party sites, it seemed to help Niantic Labs.

Pokemon GO reached it’s peak with the amount of active players a day before the 3 footstep glitch happened. Since that day, the player count has dropped every single day. Sure, the update brought in with it some great new things, but the bad outcome from this patch outweighs the good here. I’m sure this “update” will NOT raise the player count any higher.

I would love to know in the comment section how you feel about all of this. Myself, the tracking feature was one of the main reasons I continued to play this game. Pokevision and other third-party sites didn’t take away from the game, but only added more value and fun in playing. With these being gone, I’m finding the game more frustrating then ever. Once you see a Pokemon close to you that you haven’t caught before and is very rare, having it then disappear shortly after because you can’t find it will make you start to rethink about touching this app until these things are added again.

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