Project Cars 2: Leaked Unofficial Trailer

Project Cars 2 developer, Slightly Mad Studios, confirmed the sequel is on track and will launch later this year – “Septemberish”  Not my words but what CEO Ian Bell used on the official forums (via gamespot). 

“It’s still a very tight run as we’re a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet. Current guess is Septemberish,” said Ian Bell.

Bell also said that “none of the famous brands” will be missing from the game, adding that quality assurance work has already begun. Project Cars 2 was announced back in 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One title. Not to many details were given at this point.

Slightly Mad has promised us to include even more racing disciplines, particularly off-road sports. The game’s career mode is being developed with co-op in mind. The developing team has yet to release gameplay footage but this will likely change in the coming months.

Source Gamespot


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