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PS4 Firmware 5.50 Will Be Available Today For Beta Testers

PS4 Firmware 5.50 Will Be Available Today For Beta Testers

KEIJI which is the codename for the 5.50 firmware will be available to beta testers today. Sony has confirmed some features in this firmware which gamers can expect including a new feature “Play Time Management”

I’m glad this wasn’t around when I was growing up but now I have kids this is something I can use

Play Time Management

It’s exactly what it says. With this feature, family managers or adults that are set as guardians will be able to manage their child (or person they are responsible for) play time. For example if you tell Timmy he can only play for 30 mins. you can go to [Settings – Family Management] on your desktop/smartphone and add the 30 min. restriction or if you only want Timmy to play from 3pm – 5pm then you can also set the allowed playable hours. If Timmy is like most kids then you can also enable the PS4 to automatically log off after the restriction or you can add more time to the restriction. They thought of everything with this one lol

Library UI Updates

“This PS4” Tab – easier to see/find all the applications you have installed on your PS4

Name / Avatar Tab – lists all the apps that was purchased with that PSN ID and find games purchased but not yet installed

PS Plus Tab – lists what games you own from PS Plus Monthly Free Games. Also now if your PS Plus subscription is expired a lock symbol will appear on the game

Hide Apps Option – located in the Options menu if you do not want to delete betas, trials or demos you can now hide them


Quick Menu Enhancements

Once you set up your customs list of friends, you can now quickly access specific friend(s) from the pulldown menu under Friends tab

Shortcuts for play/pause and volume control for Spotify, Media Player or USB Music Player


Notifications Update

Organize and Manage notifications by deleting single or multiple old notifications


Custom Wallpapers via USB

Create your own dashboard background and then import it to your PS4

Supersampling Mode (on some games)

If you have a 1080p or less display you’ll be able to enjoy a better viewing experience on games that are rendered for higher resolutions.


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Head over to PlayStation Blog to find out how you can use these new features.

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