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PS4 Update Brings External Hard Drive Support

Sony has released details coming to the Playstation 4’s next update codenamed “Sasuke.”

Firmware update 4.50 will bring us a lot of new features and introduce;

  • External hard drive support – allowing external storage support from USB 3.0. Hard drives up to 8TB will be compatible which you can download and install directly to them.
  • Custom wallpaper – you can “set your favorite in-game screenshot as the background image for PS4’s home screen.” The effects such as drop-shadows on text and dimmed function area will “keep the system icons and texts on the home screen clearly visible even if the background image you selected is super bright.” Screenshots can be edited and customized in Sharefactory.
  • New quick menu – which is accessed by holding down the PS button on the PlayStation controller, will be refreshed “making it even more accessible.” This will cover less of the gameplay screen and giving players quicker access to party features.
  • Notifications – the notifications list will be simplified which will be a single list that surfaces information on game alerts, downloads, and uploads. The ability to post directly to your activity feed will be added.
  • 3D – Watch 3D movies using your PlayStation VR headset.


“More features and additional info, including launch timing, in the weeks to come” said Sony regarding update 4.50.


February 2nd, Sony announced it has shipped 9.4 million PlayStation 4 consoles in three months spanning from October 1st to December 31st, 2016. This was an improvement over the same period in 2015, when it shipped 8.4 million units.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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