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Putting Trust Back Into Gaming Media

by HardKnockGamers
Putting Trust Back Into Gaming Media

Hard Knock Gamers is a Facebook Gaming group that was started in 2015 with an idea to bring gaming communities together and to one place. Theres a lot to risk like losing friends and making new friends then losing new friends and getting back together with old friends (true story). But imagine trying to separate the extremists from the people who has a preferred platform to play on for whatever reason and not caring if you choose to play on another platform?

There are others who will say anything to get a free hand out or be bias to a particular platform/console fanbase. But we at Hard Knock Gamers don’t like being lied to.

Our Promise:

  • To be a trusted site for reviews and gaming news
  • Give honest First Impressions


Being a Hard Knock Gamer is just not a  saying “Its A Way Of Life”

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