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Quantum Break Story Came From An Early Alan Wake Draft

Whats up Hard Knocks! It looks like the upcoming time traveling Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break was is inspired by 2010’s Alan Wake. In an interview with Express UK Same Lake explained the inspirations and origins behind his latest creation Quantum Break .

“Part of the idea does come from an old draft of Alan Wake, a version of the story that was more fragmented, more a series of different stories he had written,” Lake revealed.

“One of them featured a particle accelerator, a science theme, quantum physics, many-worlds interpretation.”


There is actual evidence of this in one of the Alan wake expansions, the developers at Remedy decided to use the same concept for the Night Springs stories featured in Alan Wake, episode one is titled: “Quantum Suicide”. Lake also revealed how Quantum Break was put together, explaining how the project eventually turned into the third-person shooter.

“That draft of the story never made it any further than that, but the concept later turned into an episode of Night Springs that appears in the game, Lake added.

“At some point that made me think of a game concept with similar themes, and that turned into an elevator pitch that led, after many twists and turns and iterations, into Quantum Break.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to us as most of us have seen some of the similarity in the games reveal trailer and game-play demos. This news from Remedy does give fans of Alan Wake something to be excited about, we’re forward to playing the time traveling adventure when it releases on April 5th.

Source: Express UK

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