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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Announced

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege has announced today that its getting a dedicated esports league. Ubisoft is working with Xbox & ESL to make sure that this happens. Its called Rainbow Six Pro League, Competition begins in March for Xbox One & PC.

Rainbow Six Siege creative director Xavier Marquis stated that building of the pro league was simply due to how Siege was built to be competitive.

“Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was built from the ground up with competition in mind,” Marquis explained. “We’re excited to partner with ESL, one of the biggest names in esports, to deliver a league for Rainbow Six Siege fans to compete and enjoy the game they love.”

The first season begins in Katowice, Poland at the Intel Extreme Masters for European competitive players on PC. Then in North America for Xbox competitive players weeks after.

The Siege Pro League has a major prize pool of $100,000. The top two teams at the end of the season will be facing off live with the winning team taking home $50,000.

To read more about the pro league, Click here.

Source: Gamespot


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