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[REVIEW] Road To Ballhalla

[REVIEW] Road To Ballhalla


Platform Reviewed On: PC (Steam)

Prepare your balls for an epic journey to Ballhalla. Feel the rhythm to overcome deadly hazards and marble at awful puns in the roll playing game of the year. May the torque be with you!


Road to Ballhalla is a puzzle/platformer, with your main goal being to roll through different levels and stages until you reach the end. Along your way you will be dodging lasers, collecting yellow orbs, bobbing and weaving through obstacles, and running away from larger balls (There’s a lot of balls in this game). Speaking of puns…they are everywhere. You come across a text-based narrator that leaves you funny puns and clues throughout each stage. As you see in the image above, they can even be written upside down for you to try and read, all while trying to escape things trying to blow you apart. The main concept of the game is to go through each level and collect as many stars that you can. With eight stars in total for each level, collecting these takes a whole lot of skill! Up to four stars for completing the stages with as little deaths as possible, and four stars for collecting as many of the yellow orbs spread around the maps. It’s a very easy concept of a game that takes a ton of practice, along with a lot of trial and error to be able to master.


Roll a ball into a hole.                   Ok, seriously, there isn’t much of a story. But if I can think of a certain story for the game myself, there are enemy forces trying to stop you from reaching your end goal, the amazing….wonderful…exotic world of Ballhalla! Once you reach Ballhalla, it might not be a carbon copy of the world you once thought it was. Yeah, this sounds good.


Many of the levels in the game don’t always have too much on screen at a time, so you shouldn’t have too much problem running this game smoothly. With that being said, the game is gorgeous. From the particle effects, the glowing trail your ball leaves as you race through levels, to the lasers and glowing orbs waiting for you this game looks great! It’s not a graphical masterpiece but there is also nothing at all wrong with how this game looks. As for the sound, there’s a catchy soundtrack for each individual stage in the game. Along with that, the sound affects of things happening on screen especially explosions all sound great.


This game to me would be simply described as non-stop fun. There’s not really a story, or any cut scenes at all in the game. Never once did I ever want that out of this title, it’s all very well done game play! The controls are very responsive whether your making a large jump or swinging around a tight corner. The game looks great with the music and sound to match. Throughout my entire time playing, I had a smile on my face at the funny narration shown in the backround. Road to Ballhalla isn’t the most challenging platformer I ever played, but it has a great mix of “Easy To Play, Hard To Master game play.

The only negative thing I can think about this title is it’s length. Beating the game only took me a mere 2 1/2 hours. With that being said, the developers worked around this negative with the added ability of Steam Workshop that will be coming a few weeks after launch. With Steam Workshop, there can be endless amounts of community made levels within the level editor, so the issue of lack of content won’t last forever. Just wish we can see a little bit more from the developers, as the levels in the game are all very unique and well made. Also, speed running modes and secret passages add a little bit to the overall experience as well.

The price for the game is $14.99, while being 20% off that price if you pre-order. This isn’t really a new concept to a game, people have done this in the past. But with being involved in a genre full of headaches and broken controllers, I never had so many laughs and good fun throughout my time playing this type of game as I did with Road To Ballhalla. This game is another reason why some of us have a very big place in our hearts for the often silly, creative, and fun indie game.

From Developer Torched Hill, and Publisher tinyBuild…Road to Ballhalla releases on Steam for $14.99, August 5th. Buy this game…if you have the balls to.

Road To Ballhalla
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Road To Ballhalla shows why people love indie games!

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