Semispheres Review

Single player split screen experience with a mind bending puzzle attraction

Game Details:

  • Developer: Vivid Helix
  • Published By: Vivid Helix
  • Platforms: Steam/PlayStation Store
  • Rating: E
  • Release Date: 2/14/17
  • Price $9.99


The game starts off were you are two avatars on one screen orange and blue. You move both avatars into a portal and that transport you into a new screen that is vertically split. Your challenge begins  when you try to train your brain to move both jellyfish like dots simultaneously. Ideally you want to use a controller left analog will control orange and right analog will control blue. You are working cooperatively to navigate you avatars through a series of puzzles while you are split in alternate dimensions. As you progress through the levels a story is being told to you through the comic sketched panels. The story narrative features a boy and his robot.


In this 2D puzzle game you navigate 2 avatars which is difficult. you will encounter guard like sentries that will block your path on one side of the screen. This is were the co op comes into play you will have one time use pickups that you can activate to create windows to the alternate dimensions. This giving you the opportunity to interact and create diversions to lure the sentries away giving you the chance to move your alternate avatar through the puzzles become exceedingly difficult as you progress through the fifty-two levels.


Visually it uses bright contrasting colors of orange and blues. Its a very simplistic design of lines and geometric shapes. It features a soundtrack that is very smooth and calming. The game has a standard performance due to its simplistic design there is not much texture or graphics that will bog the game down.

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