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Shadow Warrior 2 – October Release Date

If you don’t know what Shadow Warrior is then it is fast paced first person shooter. The player takes the role of a ‘Modern Ninja Warrior’ called Lo Wang who must battle armies of demons that have invaded the world sent by another dimension under Zilla command.


Lo Wanglo wang

Lo Wang is regarded as being fearless and headstrong who never runs away from battle. Lo also seems to be perversive towards females, especially young ones however Lo seems to possess high moral compass.


Zilla, also known as Master Zilla is an ego maniac has psychopathic tendencies. He is a God complex, believing his authority is higher than anyone else’s. 


This time Flying Wild Hog added a co-op mode to the game allowing the slaughtering to continue with up to three of your mates. In co-op mode, each player experiences the narrative as Lo Wang but sees other players as ‘different anonymous ninjas‘.

So when is the game out? – Well we don’t know an exact day but it is tipped as an October 2016 release, how do we know this? It was announced through the official Shadow Warrior Twitter Page:


You can catch Shadow Warrior 2 in all its glory on, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS.  As of yet you can only see the game through Steam and GOG however other platforms will be available nearer the time. Follow us on Twitter @HardKnockGamers or join us in our Facebook group Hard Knock Gamers, the best place to be for ALL games on ALL platforms.



Flying Wild Hog

Official Shadow Warrior Twitter Page

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