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Smite’s The Reborn Prince Patch 2.20 And Everything You Need To Know

Smite Developers Hi-Rez Studios has recently posted a video to their YouTube page about whats new and whats changed in The Reborn Prince Patch 2.20 for Xbox One.

First is a new camera angle for melee type characters making it easier to view what is in front of you when attacking to your hearts content. Also the character Ravana has been given plenty buffs to offensive and healing abilities as well as a new attack that leaps you forward dealing damage when landing downward.

Ne Zha has been remodeled with quite a bit of visual changes and improvements. Xing Tian has a new Siege Engine skin, Serqet has a Demon soul skin that’ll be available in a limited time bundle, Aphrodite now has a Diva skin, and Brynhildr also has a new skin called Bacchus.

Lastly, Some more achievements have arrived for those who like going for gamerscore, and the Clash Mode is finally here to stay with us now finally being out of beta. Clash has also received new practice and cooperative queues to celebrate. You can check out the full patch notes, or watch the video below.


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