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Sonic Humble Bundle…15 Games for $10

15 games for $10….Don’t mind if I do!

Do you like Sonic The Hedgehog? Are you a PC gamer? Well there are 6 days left to grab this week’s Humble Bundle! Humble Bundle is a place PC gamers go to purchase both bundles of games and also individual PC games. If you don’t feel like ordering this whole bundle, pay $1 or more (you decide) and grab the first four games in the row. The more you spend, the more you get. Spend at least $35 and you get all the games plus a Sonic t-shirt as well. The choice is yours on how much you want to spend. Best part…redeem these games right on Steam!

HumbleBundle.com is one of my favorite websites because out of anything you purchase, they send a percentage to a certain charity they are running at that time. At this time of writing, over 63,000 people have purchased this bundle so far. So go ahead and check out their site and browse this bundle and others, as well as other sales they have this week. As always, discuss topics like this and everything else gaming over at our Facebook group Hard Knock Gamers, the best place to be to discuss ALL games on ALL platforms.

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NickodemusX 06/28/2016 - 7:48 PM

Wait what?! First time in my life I wish I had a PC!

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