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Spider-Man Homecoming Villain Revealed

Spider-Man Homecoming Villain Revealed

This past weekend San Diego Comic-Com showed off a slew of surprises and one big surprise was the villain for the upcoming Spider-Man film titled “Homecoming”. In recent Spidey films we’ve always been wowed by the many villains that he faces and in each movie there’s been a different enemy. That’s formula doesn’t stop with the next film as the villain revealed at SDCC was no other than “The Vulture”. 


“The Vulture”

Michael Keaton (Batman 1989, 1992 Birdman 2014) has been signed on to play a villain in the upcoming Spidey flick but mums the word on if he’s “The Vulture”. Spider-Man Homecoming is expected to release in 2017 .


“Michael Keaton”

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Source: Gamespot

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