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Street fighter V? You Mean Street Fighter V: Hyper Beta Edition


There have been numerous things people have complained about this Gen: Server issues, day one patches, day one DLC, lack of triple A games, multiplayer only, not enough P’s or frames , or even broken games. The list goes on. The biggest offense, in my opinion, are developers thinking it is okay to release games in unfinished states.

“We’ll patch it later” or “Game modes will be added at a later date” have become mottos.

Systems being online has given them an out, and they are taking full advantage of it. Which, when looked at another way, this could be a good thing. Before online systems, games that were broken were forever broken, that’s no longer an issue…as long as your system’s online of course. It still doesn’t excuse them for leaning so heavily on patching when those problems should have been fixed and the game should have been complete out of the box.

Capcom being the most recent offender with Street Fighter V. Promising to release content in waves rather than releasing the game in one piece. I was looking forward to this one, but no arcade mode? This is a fighting game right? Last I checked Capcom was “looking into it”. I was never much of an online multiplayer guy, so the lack of arcade mode is absurd to me. “Story” mode from what I’ve seen is a joke, just a prologue, but don’t worry the full story mode comes out in June for free. How swell of Capcom to give us the story mode for free…of course it’s free, it should have been in the final game in the first place.

Unless Sony figures out a way to update the disc drive in the PS4 to write to disk (I feel like that should be a thing), I’m not buying it. The only way I’ll buy that game is when Capcom comes out with the eventual complete edition. I want everything on a single disc, not some on my disk and some on the hard drive. If my PS4 craps out and I want to play Street Fighter on my buddy’s PS4, all that should be required is putting the disc in. I’m not trying to wait for patches and DLC to download for the full experience. I’m also very much a physical editions guy. Slowly dipping my toes into full digital with PC, but I still kind of hate it.

Considering the lack of content and the early server issues, it’s hard to believe gaming outlets have given SFV the high scores they have. When it comes to games, gameplay is king. Which is the only reason I can see someone justifying the high scores. I have no doubts the mechanics are solid and fighting against someone online is fun….when it works. But after that, what’s left? When the servers are down, and it’s just you, what’s there to do?

Look, I love Street Fighter. It’s one of my time wasters. Got some time to kill? Pop in Street fighter. I remember learning to play Street Fighter when I lived in Japan as a kid. Learning to play it in the Japanese Arcades against Japanese people is not the ideal place to learn. Unless you want to learn what complete and utter destruction is then, by all means, knock yourself out. I was glad to finally get Street Fighter II on the SNES, I could finally see what winning felt like. It’s hard to believe Street Fighter II was a more complete game upon release all those years ago. So why do this Capcom? You’re better than that…at least you used to be.

But that’s my opinion. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Also check out KidSmoove’s review of Street Fighter V for PC. He gave it a 6/10 (which I thought was generous of him).

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