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Street Fighter V Review (PC)

Game: Street Fighter V

Platform: PC, PS4 (reviewed on PC)

Developer: Capcom

Release: February 16, 2016


The wait is finally over for Street Fighter V and we all can finally abuse and over use the likes of Ken and Ryu in the latest installment to Capcom’s classic fighting franchise Street Fighter! In this review I will give my honest opinion of the game also express what I love and what I absolutely hate about the game. Scroll down to get the meat and Potatoes!

What Knocks?

  • Visuals

Street Fighter V is a pretty looking game, I love the art style  and the funky character models. The franchise ages pretty well and the changes made to some of our favorite characters do not disappoint. Playing the game on Max settings or console settings the game is still easily an eye candy. The female models in the game probably should have netted SFV a “M” rating, the developers put a lot of emphasis on the Ass-etts and breast which might warrant some backlash.

  • Game-play

One thing people will love about Street Fighter V is its precise and responsive game-play. At its core it is one of the best, it doesn’t miss a beat! From fight stick to controller the game is fairly balanced and still requires you have some skill. SFV does maintain a near-lock 60fps (PC) during the action which is an automatic plus and helps with the responsiveness.

What Don’t Knock?

  • Content

No Reasonable Story Mode– Visuals make the game good to look at and the gameplay makes it fun to play, the content or lack thereof is what makes your experience with Street Fighter V short lived. This is probably the most bare bones Street Fighter game since Super Street Fighter II for SNES and SEGA platforms. The Story is pretty much 1 round tutorials and  each character fights  a maximum 2- 3 people. In some cases  you’ll fight Bison twice and that is the story. I don’t mind the side shows but I do mind that you don’t get the image of a significant action taking place, all you hear are the sound effects and you see the subtitles.

Arcade Mode?– There is no Arcade mode available, let that sink in. No arcade mode in a video game that originated in a arcade. Versus mode is also a complete joke because it requires another human player to use this mode.

  • Multiplayer/Server Issues

So Street Fighter V multiplayer has gone through many betas, but whatever they were testing never made it to the final game. The release was plagued with server connection failures leaving many to just play offline and earn absolutely nothing. All the modes are connected to the servers so when the servers went belly up, playing the game was pretty much a waste of time. After a day the servers did get an improvement, but then it took ages to actually find and play against someone. The server issues limited me to a few online matches, which wasn’t the best experience.


“Even if the game came with capable servers you can only do so much.. We should have gotten more than what was packaged in”

– Kidsmoove

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Where's The Fight?
  • 9/10
    Gameplay - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Visuals - 8/10
  • 5/10
    Multiplayer - 5/10
  • 4/10
    Story - 4/10
  • 4/10
    Content - 4/10


Street Fighter V at its core, is a great fighting game. But that’s the problem, it’s just a core fighting game, that is not good enough for a game of this magnitude. Street Fighter V maybe the newest fighter out but there are several other fighters that pack a better punch than SFV and is loaded with more content than this latest installment. At this time Ultra Street Fighter IV (Predecessor) maybe a better game than the latest entry. Street Fighter V isn’t a bad game its just lacking too much.

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